Cruiser cam: Mother with baby in back seat arrested for OVI

Cruiser camera footage has been released that shows a woman arrested for OVI while she had a baby with her.

A passerby, who stopped to check on a driver whose car was on the side of the road Friday, called 911 when he realized the woman seemed intoxicated and had a baby in the back seat.

News Center 7's Gabrielle Enright found out her driver's license also is suspended.

Jessica Lehman, 26, admitted to Beavercreek officers she hit a couple of curbs, according to a police report. At least two of her tires were flat and one was shredded.

The cruiser camera shows her grabbing her son from the backseat and walking away. She was then taken into custody.

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The officer said Lehman was slurring and could barely keep her eyes open. She admitted to buying heroin but said she hadn’t used it yet.

Lehman was taken to the hospital, and brought to the Greene County Jail after she was released.

She was booked on suspicion of multiple charges, including child endangering, OVI, driving under suspension and resisting arrest.

While Lehman remains in jail, court documents show her son is being cared for by a relative.

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