‘Most damage we’ve had in years;’ Storms leave a lot of cleanup for Ohio community

BUCYRUS — An Ohio community has a lot of cleaning up to do after storms move through on Wednesday.

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Severe weather moved through the community of Bucyrus in central Ohio. One man told our news partner WBNS in Columbus that is some of the most damage they’ve seen in a long time.

“I think this right here is some of the most damage we’ve had in years,” said Steven Kendall.

“I don’t know what’s going on with the weather in Ohio,” said Matthew Bishop. “I’ll take the old weather back.”

He was asleep when his windows started blowing in and got soaked by the rain.

“I was like I cannot believe I just watched that tree fall and how did it not hit me?” said Bishop. “Winds blowing at me but it didn’t come at me it just landed on the car so I’ll take that.”

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News Center 7 reported Wednesday that storms also moved through the Miami Valley on Wednesday. It brought hail and damaging winds.

Viewers from Piqua, St. Paris, Troy, and Springfield sent in videos of hail pelting their homes and windshields.

Drivers also captured dark clouds and strong winds.

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Bucyrus fire chief Chad Schwemley told WBNS that so far they have not received reports of any injuries.

“We’ve got a house that’s been moved off its foundation, there’s several roofs that have been removed, there’s been a couple of walls collapsed on a brick building down the road,” he said.

Schwemley added that they had received assistance from four townships and got a couple of light towers in town because it was “pretty out there,” he told WBNS.

One woman said a Family Dollar sign ended up near their home. Some windows were also shattered at home and a roof caved in.

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