Miami Valley teen builds food pantry, gives back to community

GREENE COUNTY — A teenager in the Miami Valley saw a need in her community when it came to having access to food.

Now she’s doing what she can to help.

Kasey Clark, a senior at Beavercreek High School, built a food pantry for community hours for her Girl Scout troop.

The pantry lives outside of Firestation 65 in Beavercreek Township.

Clark said she spent every moment of her free time, roughly 60 hours of it, building the pantry for the community and even ran two food drives to help stock shelves.

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She partnered with “Feed the Creek”, an organization that works to provide food to children to reduce childhood hunger.

“I come by all the time and it looks like you know people take out of it and then they restock. It makes me feel really happy to know that people are using it,” Clark told News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott.

Clark’s mother, Kimberly Clark-Lane, said she is proud of her daughter and the work she has done for her community.

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“You have no idea how very proud I am of her for doing that for seeing the need in the community and trying to help,” Clark-Lane said.

“For her to take it upon herself to go out and help in the community. I think it shows a lot of her character,” she added.

Clark said she will soon be installing a second pantry at Aley United Methodist Church on Kemp Road.