Miami Valley reacts to the death of former Buckeye Dwayne Haskins

MIAMI VALLEY — Ohio is mourning the death of a young football star Saturday.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and Former Ohio State Buckeye Dwayne Haskins Jr. died Saturday morning after being hit by a dump truck while walking on a Flordia Highway.

Haskins would have been 25 years old in May.

Here in the Miami Valley, Buckeye fans are remembering Haskins for his talent on the field.

“I’m in a group chat with a bunch of friends and this morning that was one of the first things I saw in our text message and honestly I quickly Googled it,” Danny Baron said, “It seemed like that’s not possible there’s no way that happened and looked it up and it was true, really sad to see.”

ESPN reports Haskins was in south Florida training with other Steelers quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers.

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“I was just heartbroken to hear that I feel bad for his family I mean my heart goes out to them,” Joe Craft, a University of Dayton junior told News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis.

While he was at Ohio State, Haskins set multiple single-season records.

He was also the Rose Bowl MVP in 2019.

“I think he’ll definitely be remembered as one of the best seasons the Buckeyes have ever had as a quarterback I think that a lot of people will kind of look over his pro career and just go back to thinking how great of a collegiate athlete he was,” Alex Dearing of Greenville said.

Even supporters from rival teams were impressed with what Haskins accomplished in his career.

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“I’m a Michigan fan ... I was pretty sad to hear that just because he was a really good guy and a really good athlete and I know he did a lot for Ohio State and the community around him,” Wright State sophomore Jake Weaver said.

As Buckeye fans try to come to grips with the sudden loss, one thing is for certain — they’re going to stick by his loved ones as they grieve.

“This is a football state, this is a football town, it’s always going to be like that and when Ohio State plays we all play.” Justin Bolden, West Carrollton, said.

“Even though we aren’t playing we aren’t in the season somebody has fallen we’re there for his family we’re going to do whatever he can,” he added.