Mental evaluation ordered for man accused of gouging out security guard’s eye

DAYTON — A competency hearing has been ordered for a man accused of gouging out a Dayton security guard’s eye last month.

James Fickling, 25, entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity earlier this month and asked for a competency evaluation.

A judge granted the evaluation Monday, according to court documents.

The findings of the evaluation are due to the court on Dec. 28 and Flicking is due back in court on Jan. 4 to discuss the results.

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Fickling is facing counts of felonious assault, kidnapping, attempt to commit felonious assault, assault on a firefighter, assault on a police officer, obstructing official business, inducing panic, and menacing.

As News Center 7 previously reported, he’s accused of the gruesome Oct. 21 attack. He allegedly went into the Premier Health Building on N. Main Street, stripped off all of his clothes except his shirt, and pulled a fire alarm. From there, he knocked the building’s security guard, previously identified by her daughter as Gloria Courtney, unconscious with jumping knee strikes.

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Fickling has been accused of gouging out the guard’s eye and damaging the other, leaving her permanently blind.

Prosecutors previously said it is believed Fickiling was under the influence of fentanyl and heroin at the time of the attack.

We will continue following this story and update as new details become available.