Magistrate rules in favor of Springboro family’s pet pot-bellied pig

SPRINGBORO — A Springboro family gets to keep their pet pot-bellied pig following a legal battle with their local homeowner’s association.

A magistrate ruled in favor of the Price family, saying their pet pig, Arnold Ziffel, is a domesticated animal that is treated as a companion animal.

The ruling comes after the Country Brook Homeowner’s Association filed a lawsuit against the Price family saying their pet pig was a violation of the HOA’s rules.

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News Center 7 previously reported that, according to the HOA, the Price family agreed to a rule stating that no animals, livestock, or poultry of any type shall be kept, except dogs, cats and other domestic household pets.

The Price family countered with a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit claiming the HOA were discriminating against for having Arnold, who they say is not livestock and only gets treated and used like a pet.

In agreeing with the Price family, the magistrate said Arnold did not breach the family’s contract with the HOA.