Springboro couple fighting to keep pot-bellied pig at their home

SPRINGBORO — Arnold Ziffel is a pot-bellied pig that lives with the Price family in Springboro.

The Price family is currently in a legal battle with the Country Brook Homeowner’s Association after they filed a lawsuit saying the pig breaks its rules.

According to the HOA, the Price family agreed to a rule stating that no animals, livestock, or poultry of any type shall be kept, except dogs, cats and other domestic household pets.

Katherine Price is arguing Arnold is a pet and is treated just like their dog, Jax.

“Arnold is not livestock,” explained Katherine. “I don’t use her for labor or food, or anything besides she is my pet and I adore her, I spoil her, and she bring to my life and all my family member’s joy.”

The Price family has countered with a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit claiming they are being discriminated against for having Arnold.

Katherine says pot-bellied pigs are traditional pets in Vietnam and are important to her culture.

“If they say Arnold is messing up yards or my yard look like a pig sack, then they can come complain to me and I will address that, but I didn’t do anything wrong,” explained Katherine. “Arnold didn’t do anything wrong. She doesn’t bother nobody. We do not live like a farm.”

The Prices are waiting to hear a final decision from the judge and hope to have a decision by the end of March.

Katy Andersen

Katy Andersen

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