Look for Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon this Weekend

Friday Full Moon, Saturn & Jupiter this Weekend

Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon will be a special treat to look for before the sun comes up as we head into the second week of June.

Sunday morning and Monday morning, with clear skies, you should be able to find the three close together in the very early morning hours.

>> Jupiter, Saturn, Mars to line up with moon

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Go outside around 5 a.m. and look to the southern sky. The moon will still be nearly full in the sky so it will be easy to spot first. Our June full moon is on June 5 at 3:12 p.m. and is known as the Strawberry Moon! Jupiter will be closest to the moon with Saturn just to the left of Jupiter.

If you find the line-up use the hashtag SkyWitness7 to share pictures with us!