Great Pyrenees rescue, kennel in Springfield shelter dogs to help lost pets in Houston

A Springfield kennel is partnering with the local National Great Pyrenees Rescue group to do its part to help dogs lost in the Texas floodwaters.

Neal Kennels, 3945 E. National Road, will be a temporary home for Daisy, Dollie, Trigger, Rock and three puppies. The six Great Pyrenees left their foster homes in Louisiana to make room for an influx of Houston pets to Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey devastated their city.

The dogs were expected to arrive on Sunday in Springfield.

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"They don't know what's going on ... they don't know where to go ... and they probably couldn't swin that far anyway," Karen Neal of Neal Kennel said of dogs caught in floodwaters. "It's terrifying."

Seeing images from flooding in Houston, the kennel and rescue group wanted to pitch in.

"We were kind of trying to figure out how we could help out," Kaira Capenter of National Great Pyrenees Rescue said.

The Pyrenees shelter is nearly out of space, so Neal is offering room at her kennel on the same property.

"We can't do a whole lot, but we can do this," Neal said.

While helping animals with a difficult past is what the rescue does every day, the organization said it's a great feeling to know their gesture could open up a new home for a lost dog in Texas.

"It means everything, it feels good and it's just a little bit we can do," Carpenter said.

The rescue group said it needs more foster homes.

National Great Pyrenees Rescue spokeswoman Barbara Mattson told News Center 7 the nonprofit was tasked with rescuing the dogs and has raised $25,000 in the final two days of its fundraising campaign to assist with dogs displaced by Hurricane Harvey. The rescue is caring for the dogs by providing them with veterinary care.

It’s not clear yet how long it will take for the dogs to be ready for adoption.

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