Law enforcement cracking down on dangerous drivers ignoring speed limits

MONTGOMERY COUNTY — Local authorities are working to catch dangerous drivers ignoring speed limits.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol and Dayton police worked together on the first of a three step crackdown around Interstate 75 and US Route 35.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell was there they patrolled from the ground and in the air.

On US 35, drivers were in for a big surprise if they were going too fast.

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The ground crews were all lined up and waiting, ready to chase down speeders.

They were being timed, and tracked, by crews in the air, aviation support courtesy of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The people running the operation have made it clear it is not a money grab.

“The enforcement is not just about writing tickets but to tell people, encourage them to slow down,” said Sgt. Gordon Cairns, Dayton Police Traffic Services Unit. “So obviously, safety is the #1 priority, when it comes to speed enforcement, we want to slow people down and prevent those serious accidents.”

Police and troopers told News Center 7 they picked the three spots for these concentrated enforcement efforts based on a study of crashes, speeding reports and OVIs drivers reported.

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This includes a crash that happened just this past Sunday near James H. McGee boulevard.

“We had a car flip over, going 90 miles per hour with two people that were trapped inside,” Cairns said.

Several people supported the crackdown, pointing out that high speeds create high risks on the road.

“A lot of people could die or get hurt or be in the hospital and that’s something no one wants to see, those are peoples family members, someone so or daughter,” said Xenub Alshowali, who lives in Dayton.

The blitz ended with 53 traffic stops. 48 of those resulted in speeding tickets, most of that enforcement on Thursday.

85 percent, or 41 of those 48 drivers were going now than 20 miles per hours over the speed limit.

Six drivers were stopped going at least 90 miles and hour, and 13 drivers received tickets for having no valid license or no license at all. Six drivers were cited for seat belt violations.

“The limit is there for a reason, we want people to go that speed limit,” Cairns said.

Troopers say they will continue these enforcement blitzes because they must get a handle on the speeders.

They want to convince everyone to slow down to the safe, posted speed limits.