Kettering hospital employee says wallet was stolen while taking care of patients

A string of thefts targeting hospitals and doctors’ offices throughout southwestern Ohio and eastern Indiana could be connected.

Kettering Health Network police say similar crimes have been reported in and outside of the health network in Huber Heights, Dayton, the Cincinnati-area and Muncie, Indiana.

“We’re starting to think that it could possibly be a certain ring of individuals who are targeting public areas,” Tom Thompson, network executive director for police and public safety, said Friday.

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One victim who works at Sycamore Medical Center told News Center 7's Katy Andersen that she was taking care of patients when her wallet was stolen. She then got a text on her phone from her bank saying her card was blocked due to fraudulent activity.

“It’s surprising to me someone would be that brazen to go in,” Alexis Headley said. “It was scary. I felt really violated. I never once though that could happen.”

Police say two people used her credit card at a local grocery store, stealing more than $1,200.

“I don’t want that to happen to anybody... We are taking care of people in some of their most vulnerable times of their life and people are taking advantage of us,” Headley said.

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Headley says this serves as a reminder to keep track of your belongings even when you’re at work.

“I keep it locked, even if I just go around the corner to the bathroom. I keep it locked all the time now.”

To the people who stole her wallet, Headley said, “Somebody has to recognize them. It’s somebody’s neighbor, somebody’s cousin, somebody’s customer. I really want them to have to answer for what they have done.”