‘It just feels like a family again;’ Dog missing for 3 months returns home on Christmas Eve

A family missing their dog for months was reunited with him just in time for Christmas.

The Rodriquez’s are calling the return of their family dog a “Christmas miracle”.

Tucker was missing for three months before being brought back.

The cute, floppy-eared golden retriever is loved dearly in the Rodriquez household.

When he disappeared the family was heartbroken.

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“We are missing a piece of our family, it just wasn’t the same,” Jessica Rodriquez said.

Tucker went missing after slipping through a hole in the back fence in October.

“Tucker has always been a master of escape, but he usually comes back,” Rodriquez said.

But he didn’t this time.

Rodriquez took to Facebook to find Tucker, checked shelters and set up 60 signs in a 5-mile radius looking for him.

Eventually, the hard work paid off when she got a tip on her Facebook page.

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Someone posted that there was a dog was found in Hamilton and he was a golden retriever, and they had him at Animal Friends Rescue.

On Christmas Eve Jessica, her husband and her daughter Josie traveled all the way to Hamilton, 45 miles away from where Tucker went missing, and brought him home.

“I cried, I cried, I cried. It was just so wonderful,” Jessica said.

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The family said it will forever be the best and most priceless Christmas present they will ever receive.

“The miracle really was that it was really him. He’s so happy... I mean it just feels like a family again,” Jessica said.

The family is making up for lost time cuddling up with Tucker.

They also fixed the hole in the fence fixed and got him shipped in case he ever plans to make another escape.

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