DeWine news conference: 4 big takeaways from Thursday’s briefing

The removal of the statewide curfew and 10 p.m. “last call” orders and a new group of Ohioans eligible for vaccines next week were some of the topics addressed during Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s briefing Thursday.

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The following announcements were made during the news conference:

  • The state’s curfew order has officially expired, according to DeWine. The order was set to expire at noon and was not extended. Ohio has remained below 2,500 hospitalizations for 10 days now, which was the threshold the state was basing extending or relaxing the curfew.
  • DeWine added that while the curfew is gone for now, the state could bring it back if hospitalizations increase again.
  • The elimination of the curfew includes the removal of the 10 p.m. “last call” order that was put in place before the curfew order. DeWine said there are no plans to reinstate that order.
  • Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said the Ohio Restaurant Association was pleased with the news that the curfew was allowed to expire. The association stressed to the public that safety protocols will still be followed to keep patrons and employees safe, Husted said.
  • Starting Monday, a new group of Ohioans will be eligible to receive vaccines. Those Ohioans, around 200,000, were born with or diagnosed in childhood a serious illness that puts them at a significant right for adverse effects if they get COVID-19. Ohioans who are under 65 and have the conditions listed below can sign up to receive a vaccine next week.

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  • DeWine said the state will continue its reconciliation on the number of Ohioans who have died from COVID-19. Yesterday, the state reported 4,000 deaths will be added over the next few days to get the state to the correct number. Today, Ohio reported over 700 new deaths, 650 of which were part of the reconciliation. The state blamed the underreporting on a data error.

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  • As a part of a combined effort between the Ohio Department of Aging and the Ohio National Guard, vaccines are starting to be administered to affordable senior housing locations across the state, DeWine said. Starting next week the Ohio Department of Aging will be in the Dayton-area to administer vaccines on-site to seniors living in these senior housing locations.

>>Ohio National Guard to help with COVID-19 vaccinations

  • This week the state received over 214,000 first vaccine doses. Next week a similar number is expected with over 223,000 Pfizer and Moderna doses coming in.
  • Since vaccinations have started in nursing homes and other long-term care centers, the state has seen a decline over 77 percent between the end of November through the end of January.
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