‘Hard to comprehend;’ Man shot after stolen car crash remains in hospital, family says

XENIA — The family of a man shot eight times during a bizarre Xenia crime spree is still trying to come to grips with the fact that he has been fighting for his life for a week.

Arick Hawk, 39, and his neighbor, Shannon Pollack, went to check on everyone’s safety after a crash outside of their homes on Second Street in Xenia last week.

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As Pollack told us last week, a man standing near what was later revealed to be a stolen vehicle took off after they asked if he was alright.

Their decision to chase after him led both men to be shot.

Arick and Pollack confronted the suspect who opened fire on them. Pollack suffered a minor gunshot wound injury to his leg, but Arick’s injuries were more serious.

Doctors discovered eight gunshot wounds on the 39-year-old.

Hawk’s grandfather told News Center 7 that the whole situation is “hard to comprehend.”

“You get along pretty good and then it hits you and you have a little cry” Warren Hawk, Arick’s grandfather, told News Center 7′s Mike Campbell.

Warren said his grandson was being operated on for a shoulder injury after having several operations to repair internal damage. He said he and his wife can’t understand why this happened.

“You’d like to think our country is above this kind of thing. It scares you to think it’s not,” Ginny Hawk, Arick’s grandmother, said.

Warren went on to say his grandson has a “long, difficult road” ahead of him.

Xenia police told Campbell Friday that they’ve arrested two men suspected to be involved with the crime spree, which included more stolen cars being found at a gas station. Neither of them have been accused yet of involvement in the shooting.

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