Friends, family believe 1 shooter likely in 2 slayings that happened hours apart

Police aren't saying much of anything about the investigation into last week's two deadly shootings that occurred with hours and about 100 feet of each other, but friends and family of the victims are saying they believe the same person could be responsible.

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Both victims -- Brandon Harris and Clarence Brown, both 33 -- died the morning of Dec. 5. Harris was shot at Rick's Jazz Lab on Lakeview Drive. Brown was shot in from the Save Food Super Market, around the corner on Germantown Street.

Nishelle Harris, Brandon's sister, said Dayton police have said nothing to her about her sibling's slaying, but people who claim to have been at both scenes are whispering the killings may be the work of a single shooter.

"It's crazy and we're still not hearing anything," the Dayton woman told News Center 7's Mike Campbell on Monday.

"[People claiming to have been at both scenes] said he was shot several times, that could be four or five, 10 times, 20 times."

A second man wounded in the Harris shooting is in critical condition, police have said.

Nicole Miller said the day Brown died that she saw him fall after hearing gunfire. The man responsible ran past her, she said, but she didn't get a good description.

"I'm looking more at the gun because he's holding the gun just running," she said.

Monday, police department officials told News Center 7 detectives are "urgently following leads in both cases" but declined comment on the specific possibility that one person could be responsible for both slayings and the wounding of the third man.

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