DPS considers product that would detect vaping on school grounds

DAYTON — Vaping is a concern for several of our local school districts, but Dayton Public Schools (DPS) is looking into new technology that may help ease concerns.

The district proposed a new plan to detect vaping on school premises. The plan would involve using HALO smart sensor products to help catch students who are sneaking off to vape in the bathrooms, locker rooms, and stairways.

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“I think if you crack down on where they are doing it, then why bring it to school at that point if you can’t even use it,” Deaunte Pondexter told News Center 7′s Malik Patterson.

After HALO picks up on possible vape detection, it will go to the overall HALO cloud which is connected throughout the school buildings. That’ll save a time log of where and when the detection occurred.

Schools can also connect HALO to its already-existing camera systems.

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“It could create a two-minute bookmark video of which students walked into the restroom and which ones walked out,” Eric Wiccum, a HALO representative, explained at a recent school board meeting.

HALO products are not currently in the school district as they have yet to determine if they will move forward with the plan.

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