UD disturbance is latest clash between students and police

Police in riot gear in UD neighborhood

In the past decade, there have been multiple confrontations between police and students at the University of Dayton, particularly in the month of March. Early Wednesday morning, police in riot gear dispersed a crowd.

In 2018, police forced back a crowd celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

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In that incident, the crowd threw objects including bottles at police. At the time, the university said the crowd ignored orders from university police to disperse, and several more police agencies were called in to disperse the crowd. No arrests were made in the 2018 incident.

In 2014, police marched down Kiefaber in riot gear as a crowd celebrated a Dayton Flyers victory in the NCAA tournament.

In that instance, 28 people were arrested.

In 2013, 24 people faced criminal charges and another 45 faced university discipline after St. Patrick’s Day celebrations turned violent. 11 cars were damaged, and broken glass littered the area after the crowd threw several glass bottles.

That incident also drew response from several police agencies, and prompted a university review of when to schedule Spring Break and whether to allow large gatherings near student housing.