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‘Designed to enhance gun security;’ Ohio entrepreneurs create GPS tracking system for guns

CINCINNATI — Two Cincinnati entrepreneurs have developed a way to track your guns.

GunAlert is a GPS tracking system designed to detect unauthorized movement, alert users within seconds, and help them recover their firearms, according to our news partners at WCPO in Cincinnati.

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Co-creator Tom Lehn told WCPO that the goal with this has been to “make it easy for people to secure their guns and get notified if they move.”

This has been a passion project for him, as he’s always had safe storage and handling top of mind.

“I’ve been a gun guy since I was in Boy Scouts as a teenager,” he said. “I was involved with Boy Scouts as a leader for over 35 years, taught kids gun safety and how to shoot guns. I believe that the more kids know about gun safety the better off we are.”

The product uses cellular technology and an enhanced motion sensor. It syncs to a phone app and can be attached to the gun itself.

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When the gun is moved, an alert is sent to the owner’s phone. Once that alert is received, the user gets location updates every five minutes, WCPO reported.

In the app, gun owners can register guns and include information such as serial numbers. Lehn said that information is helpful when communicating with police.

Lehn also told WCPO that GunAlert is common sense for gun owners.

“Our product is designed to enhance gun security, but it’s still the primary responsibility of the gun owner to make sure they take care of their guns,” he said. “The cool thing about this product, It doesn’t matter what side of the gun issue you’re on -- whether you’re for guns or against guns -- everybody should be about gun safety.”

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