Coronavirus: Dayton police advise you to be careful about sharing personal information

MIAMI VALLEY — UPDATE @ 5 p.m. (May 6): The Dayton Police Department’s Financial Crimes detectives want to remind you to be wary of sharing your personal information, especially bank account and routing information, with unfamiliar organizations over the phone or online during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Be sure to check with agencies such as the Ohio Attorney General or the USDA for information on those who may be trying to take advantage of people in vulnerable situations.

Tuesday, the department’s financial crimes detectives issued a tweet that carried a warning about an organization.

Today, after additional research, detectives said the organization, FreshEBT, appears to be a legitimate app which is connected to easyfoodstamps.splashthat.com and givedirectly.org and are working to provide relief payments to SNAP benefit recipients.

If you are attempting to apply for payments from public charities or websites saying they will provide money or free anything, there should be another method besides providing your personal banking information, such as an eGift card or a paper check.

If you need additional information, please contact Detective Dulaney at 937-333-1167.