Coronavirus: Dr. Acton says data shows new symptoms, possibility of no fever

Coronavirus: Data shows new symptoms

COLUMBUS — New coronavirus symptoms are being revealed as doctors learn more about the virus.

The public has been told to watch for flu-like symptoms as well as signs of a cough, fever, fatigue and difficulty breathing. However, data shows new symptoms including gastrointestinal upset, feeling more fatigued than usual and sometimes not even having a fever, said Ohio’s Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton during Governor Mike DeWine’s press conference Tuesday.

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“Some of the data we are looking at now are things we’ve talked about-fever, headache, body aches-but we’re seeing new symptoms emerge,” said Dr. Acton.

The new symptoms have been seen in the United States, Dr. Acton said.

Most patients should reach out to their primary care provider by phone whenever possible rather than in person.

“My best advice to everyone, is that if you don’t feel well in any way, stay home and make that call,” Dr. Acton said.