Coaches accuse some high schools of cheating in Ohio track and field

MIAMI VALLEY — Some track and field coaches told News Center 7 that they are upset that the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) is not upholding its own rules.

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They are not happy that some high school track teams are allowed to compete in more than 16 meets.

News Center 7′s Malik Patterson spoke with both coaches and the OHSAA.

“Personally, it makes me mad,” one coach said. “I mean, the rules are pretty clear, a team cannot go over 16 meets.”

Both coaches Patterson spoke with on Monday asked that News Center 7 not identify them because of fear of losing their team jobs by speaking out.

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“There are a lot of coaches that are pretty upset over this,” the second coach stated.

Before the season, coaches from across the state met for a track-and-field clinic.

One coach told Patterson that this 16-meet rule was not a problem before the season.

“If this was an issue in the past, this would have been brought up.”

In OHSAA’s handbook, Patterson found the 16-meet rule mentioned at different times.

He asked Tim Stried, OHSAA spokesperson, about the rule and if the teams who violated the rule would face any consequences.

“No, the team will not be sanctioned,” he answered. “The school will not be sanctioned.”

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Stried also explained the rule’s original intent.

“If an individual competes in more than 16 contests, then the individual would not be permitted to enter the tournament.”

The coaches told Patterson that this rule has been around for more than five years.

“By nothing, OHSAA, where is it going to stop?” said one coach. “I feel like we are going down a slippery slope.”

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Patterson looked into which schools could be in violation. To track meets and team records across the state, state track coaches, athletes, and OHSAA use MileSplit.com.

He found three Miami Valley Schools over the 16-meet limit.

It includes Vandalia Butler, Beavercreek, and Wayne High schools. They each had 18 meets scheduled and attended.

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Patterson reached out to each athletic director.

Vandalia Butler said it has almost 100 student-athletes and it scheduled 19 meets. The school was contacted by OHSAA, but not in violation.

Beavercreek said the team scheduled 18 events but only attended 16.

Patterson did not hear back from Wayne High School.

The coaches he spoke to say it sets a bad example and could create future problems.

“I just want to see when rules are put out there that they are enforced when they’re clear broken.”

OHSAA also told Patterson that they will make a rule change next season to clarify it to mean each athlete.

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