City of Xenia to continue leaf collection through Dec. 10

XENIA — With the wind and rain knocking leaves off of trees across the Miami Valley, there are several good reasons to clean them up.

Crews in the city of Xenia have begun their leaf collection and residents like David Hunt are ready.

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“Myself, along with help from my neighbor, we use a blower to try and help other neighbors also to get all the leaves off the trees and into the street so they can pick them up,” Hunt told News Center 7′s Gabrielle Enright.

Xenia has broken down the city into two zones, which they will make two rounds through. Hunt lives in zone two and crews will be done with the first round of his section Friday.

Hunt said cleaning the leaves up is a good idea because they can be slick and be hazardous.

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“[They’re] kind of like ice, a little bit. It’s a little slide and I can how folks could have an accident or drive through the piles and something underneath could hurt your tires,” Hunt said.

Leaving leaves in your gutter could hurt your roof. They could clog gutters and then freeze.

Crews in Xenia are scheduled to revisit zone one on November 29-December 1. They will return to zone two on December 6-10.

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