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‘Tell my mom that I love her if I die,’ teen pleads as van seat fatally crushes him

Published: Thursday, April 12, 2018 @ 8:08 AM
Updated: Thursday, April 12, 2018 @ 3:53 PM

911 call operator on leave in Cincinnati after teen dies in van

A 16-year-old high school student died after his van seat fatally crushed him. Kyle Plush made two calls to 9-1-1, begging for help. In the second call, Plush told the  dispatcher it wasn’t a joke and asked the dispatcher to tell his mother he loved her if he died.


  • Kyle Plush, 16, called 9-1-1 approximately 3 p.m. Tuesday
  • Police dispatched but couldn’t find van or teen
  • Plush called 9-1-1 again, said he didn’t have much time left
  • Plush’s parents found him deceased in his van at 10 p.m. in Seven Hills High School parking lot
  • Hamilton County Prosecutor launching investigation
  • Dispatcher put on leave

UPDATE @ 3:35 p.m.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters is launching a full investigation to determine what exactly happened that led to the death of a 16-year-old Seven Hills student in the school parking lot Tuesday afternoon, WCPO-TV reports.

"The young man was trapped in the third row bench seat, and it is called positional asphyxiation," Deters said. "We are actively trying to identify experts to assist in us in this investigation."

The 911 operator who took the second call from Kyle Plush Tuesday afternoon has been placed on administrative leave because she didn't pass on the make, model or color of Plush's minivan to officers who responded, Police Chief Eliot Isaac said Thursday. 


WATCH: Cincinnati PD provides details into teen found dead inside van. Video courtesy WCPO-TV.

"Something went wrong here, and we need to find out why were weren't able to provide that help," Isaac said. 


Plush, 16, was found dead in a minivan in the Seven Hills School parking lot Tuesday night. That afternoon, he had called 911 twice asking for help. During that second call, Plush said he was trapped in a gold Honda Odyssey in the Seven Hills School parking lot. But the responding officers never knew because the call taker, Amber Smith, never told them, according to Issac.

A teen died in the parking lot of Seven Hills High School when his van seat fatally crushed him after being trapped in the third row seat bench. CBS This Morning explains how this could have happened.


A full procedural and technical review of all calls received by the Cincinnati Police Department’s Emergency Communications Section was initiated Thursday after a 16-year-old died in his school parking lot after becoming trapped in his van.

Kyle Jacob Plush, 16, called 9-1-1 from the Seven Hills High parking lot, panicking Tuesday afternoon, saying he was trapped inside a van. 

In the 3-minute phone call, Plush gasped and cried repeatedly for help as he struggled to communicate with the 911 operator, according to our partners at WCPO in Cincinnati.

“I probably don’t have much time left, so tell my mom I love her if I die,” he said.

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The call ended, and when the 911 operator attempted to call him back, there was no answer. Officers responded, but couldn’t find anyone trapped in a van, according to WCPO.

In part of the 9-1-1 call an officer says, "I just looked in a van over there. I didn't see anybody in it.” 

It’s not clear if the officer found the right van or the wrong van.

When police could find no sign of the teen, a separate incident occuring in the same area lead law enforcement to believe the call might be a hoax.

Plush called 911 again.

“This is not a joke,” he said. “I am trapped inside a gold Honda Odyssey van in the parking lot of Seven Hills...send officers immediately. I’m almost dead.”

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Later that evening, around 10 p.m., a family member discovered Plush dead in the van.  The Hamilton County Coroner said Plush died of “asphyxia caused by chest compression” and ruled the death an accident.

Something pressed so hard against Push’s chest that he suffocated, but officials have not said what.

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Police find man with gunshot wound to the head in Dayton home

Published: Sunday, May 20, 2018 @ 6:13 AM
Updated: Sunday, May 20, 2018 @ 7:15 AM

Video from the scene from staff photographer Jeffery Brown.

UPDATE @ 7:15 a.m.:

A 38-year-old man was transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries after police found him with a gunshot wound to the head in a home in Dayton, according to Sgt. Thomas Schloss of Dayton Police Department.

The man was found lying on the floor in the home on Brooklyn Avenue, Schloss said.

Homicide detectives were called out to investigate, said Schloss.

It’s not known how the man was shot and his identity was not released.

This is currently an ongoing investigation, according to Sgt. Spires of the Dayton Police Department.


Emergency crews are on scene of a shooting in Dayton.

Police: Innocent bystander shot, killed by high-caliber gun in Dayton

The shooting occurred in the 200 block of Brooklyn Avenue around 5:50 a.m. Sunday, according to initial reports.

Police have the road between West Second Street and Edison Street blocked off with crime tape.

We are working to learn more and will update this page as information becomes available.

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3 restaurants have now closed at this high-traffic location

Published: Saturday, May 19, 2018 @ 11:00 AM

The closing of the Milano’s restaurant in West Chester Twp. marked the third eatery to shut down in the building near the corner of Tylersville and Cox roads. GREG LYNCH/STAFF
The closing of the Milano’s restaurant in West Chester Twp. marked the third eatery to shut down in the building near the corner of Tylersville and Cox roads. GREG LYNCH/STAFF

The closing of the Milano’s restaurant in West Chester Twp. marked the third eatery to shut down in the building near the corner of Tylersville and Cox roads.

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The Dayton-based restaurant chain announced Thursday that it had closed its location at at 7701 Voice of America Park Drive “effective immediately.”

“It is with heavy hearts that we share this news and we so appreciate the West Chester community for all of the support they’ve shown us,” Milano’s Pizza, Subs & Taps wrote via social media. “We are making every effort to relocate our current employees to other Milano’s locations.”

Milano’s opened its West Chester Twp. location in January 2014, replacing Marlin & Ray’s.

Marlin & Ray’s, a steak and seafood restaurant, served its last meal in January 2013 at the location, just one month shy of its one-year anniversary.

The restaurant was one of 13 locations closed by its owner, Ruby Tuesday Inc.

Prior to Marlin & Ray’s, the building housed a Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

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“The opportunity arose to sell this property which includes both the building and the land,” Milano’s said in a statement. “We made this decision carefully and determined that the sale fit our future plan and the new owner would be a great addition to the area.”

Milano’s said the future restaurant tenant would be disclosed at a later date.

There’s no record yet of a recent sale. The property was last purchased in 2013 for $1.5 million, according to the Butler County Auditor’s Office.

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