Chiefs’ Super Bowl championship t-shirts being made in Miami Valley

MIAMI COUNTY — Kansas City Chiefs fans are celebrating after the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime Sunday night in the Super Bowl.

>>PHOTOS: Chiefs’ Super Bowl championship t-shirts being made in Miami Valley

World championship t-shirts are now being cranked out in Miami County.

News Center 7′s Xavier Hershovitz reported from Atlantis Sportswear in Piqua Monday on News Center 7′s Daybreak.

Photos from inside the factory show factory staff making those shirts. It says, “Super Bowl Champions, KC.”

He will have a full update later today on News Center 7 at 5 p.m.

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News Center 7 previously reported that which team won Sunday’s game, world championship shirts would be cranked out.

“As soon as the game clock hits zero. We’re rolling,” Kyle Reardon, the VP of Operations at Atlantis Sportswear said last week.

He told our John Bedell that they had each machine set up with half of them with Chiefs prints and the other half with 49ers prints.

“As soon as the game is over, we’ll flip over to whatever team wins,” Reardon explained.

He said they take a lot of pride in having a product made in Miami County play such a big part in the fans’ post-Super Bowl celebrations.

“Yeah, for one of the biggest events in the world,” said Reardon.

Atlantis Sportswear is slotted to make 25,000 shirts overnight from Sunday into Monday.

These shirts will be made all in the span of a 12-hour shift, and then get shipped to a distribution center in Columbus where they’ll be sent to fans all over the country who order them online.

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