Central State has been ‘looking at’ $4 million shortfall for ‘number of months’

WILBERFORCE — Central State University has $4 million worth of money problems.

The university did not confirm Monday if that meant it would cut jobs and programs.

Tiffany Gray, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, said the university has been “looking at the situation closely for a number of months.”

The university did not go public with the $4 million shortfall until March 1.

“We determined that we were at this place where we recognize that it’s time to make some decisions now to make sure that we’re on a solid foundation and solid footing positioning us for long-term sustainability,” Gray said.

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Cabinet members, including the university’s new president, were made aware of issues within the last couple of weeks, Gray said.

This means the school did not tell the new president about the budget shortfall when it hired him last month.

With a $65 million budget News Center 7 asked what created this multi-million dollar deficit.

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“A lot of that operating budget was built on online projections for online learning. And when we didn’t meet that we had to look at our five-year plan and make some revisions,” Tiffany Gray, Vice President for Institutional Advancement said.

The university said it could take two years to fix these money problems.

To start it said it froze spending and travel.

We will continue to follow this story.

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