Bond set for 2 accused in robbery, kidnapping of 85-year-old man found beaten at trash facility

MIAMISBURG — A man and woman indicted in connection to the kidnapping and robbery of an 85-year-old man who was found beaten at a trash facility had their bonds set at $500,000 each.

Jessica Rose Boomershine, 42, and Billy Joe Farra, 35, are accused of breaking into the man's home, taking his gun and firing a round into the victim's bedroom before kidnapping him in his own car. The victim was assaulted and at gunpoint was forced to give up his ATM pin, according to a statement from the Montgomery County prosecutor.

"Eventually, the defendants bound the victim and put him inside the trunk of his car, which was abandoned at the Rumpke waste facility on East Monument Avenue in Dayton," according to the release.

The victim pulled the emergency trunk release to climb out, and then entered the Rumpke facility, where he was later found by an employee.

He was able to identify one of the defendants as someone he had recently met at a local casino.

Boomershine and Farra were both indicted for two counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of aggravated burglary, two counts of kidnapping; and one count each of grand theft of a motor vehicle; grand theft of a firearm; and misuse of a credit card. All but two charges include a three-year firearm specification.

Boomershine also was indicted for escape and vandalism for allegedly attempting to climb into the ceiling of a holding area in the jail while she was waiting to be taken to court. Jail staff were able to pull her from the ceiling without injury, but the ceiling sustained significant damage, according to the release.

"These defendants pistol-whipped the victim and left him for dead," Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. said. "The actions of these defendants, abusing and robbing a compliant 85-year-old man, is outrageous and disturbing. They both deserve to serve a significant time in prison."

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