Baby boom at Miami Valley Hospital — 11 nurses pregnant at same time

There’s a baby boom at Miami Valley Hospital. But it’s not the patients: 11 nurses in the hospital’s labor and delivery unit are pregnant.

The women jokingly said there was something in the water at the hospital. Even more of a coincidence, two of the women have the same due date.

One of the 11 women gave birth on Tuesday, with the rest not far behind.

After seeing a viral photo of pregnant nurses in Maine, they knew they possibly had more at their hospital.

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“We sat in the nurse’s station and made a list of everybody who is pregnant. We finally figured it out and we had 11 and we said, ‘we have those Maine girls beat,’” one nurse said.

Andrea Hesson is one of the 11 pregnant women working at Miami Valley Hospital’s labor and delivery unit. She will be a first-time mother.

“I’m a little nervous but I’m excited. We struggled with infertility for two years,” she said.

This is one of the first times the hospital has had a large group of women in one unit pregnant at the same time. The women say it has helped to have extra support as they go through their pregnancies.

“We’ll come to work with, ‘are you feeling sick yet? ... Have you been feeling the baby move?’” Erin Zink said.

“We kind of cheer everyone on,” Jessica Piddock said.

The due dates range from now until October. Some already know their baby’s gender, but some are taking the classic approach.

“This is my second child and it’s a surprise. I guess we’ll find out on the day,” Piddock said.

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“I’m also having a surprise baby,” Jennie Daigle said.

So, who will take over their shifts when they are off for maternity leave?

“We are a large unit so we’re able to fill in those blanks where they need to be,” Lindsey Highly said.

Not only will they share and compare their pregnancy experience, but these women might also be helping each other in the delivery room.

“One of the girls, the first of the group, just delivered (Tuesday). So there’s always a chance one of us will be a part of each other’s births,” Highly said.

In addition to the labor and delivery department, there are other staff members pregnant within the hospital’s Berry Women’s Center.

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