7 local colleges, universities receive Collegiate Purple Star designation

DAYTON — Seven schools in the Miami Valley are part of the state’s first ever class of collegiate purple star campuses.

The designation recognizes colleges that are supportive and inclusive of students with connections to the military.

Proving that they have strategies and plans in place to accommodate veterans and other military-connected students.

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In Ohio, 33 schools can say they are part of the inaugural class of Collegiate Purple Stars.

Becky Jones, with Sinclair Community College said, “We’re really honored.” Meanwhile, Seth Gordon with Wright States University said, “This is a significant achievement.”

Of the 33 schools in Ohio, seven of them are in the Miami Valley:

  • Clark State Community College
  • Edison State Community College
  • Miami University
  • Sinclair Community College
  • Wright State University
  • Kettering College
  • University of Dayton

The Ohio Department of Higher Education created a committee to determine which schools meet the criteria, which includes:

  • Having a dedicated military/veteran point of contact
  • Priority registration for veterans and service members
  • Surveying them and their families about needs and challenges
  • Allowing the creation of student-led groups for them

Sam Surowitz with the University of Dayton said, “It’s all about the students and doing the right thing by our service members and veterans and their family members as well.”

Something important to the schools who received this Collegiate Purple Star designation.

“We live in a town where there are so many military-affiliated people and it’s our duty to help and it’s an honor to help them get through their educational needs and be able to give back to the community,” Jones said.

“Ohio is taking a really important step to make sure that we are doing what we say we are going to do, and to veterans that is so important,” Gordon said.

A new release from Ohio Gov. DeWine’s office said there will be s second round for other schools to apply late this year but did not specify a date.