3-year-old weighing 16 pounds rescued from roach-infested apartment; body cam released

FAIRBORN — Newly released body camera video shows the moments investigators rescued a 3-year-old girl from an apartment police described as deplorable.

Police said what they saw on the other side of the door of an apartment on Wallace Drive in Fairborn was traumatizing.

“Oh my god,” an officer says on body camera video as they go through several rooms in the apartment filled with garbage.

When they saw the little girl they didn’t know if she was alive.

The girl was huddled in the corner and could not move.

The 3-year-old was unresponsive and weighed just 16 pounds.

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Police said her bed was severely soiled, roaches everywhere and she had bug bites all over her body.

Rabyah Muballigh, the child’s mother, was the one who called 911.

She was arrested by police outside the apartment.

Since police have rescued the little girl, Sgt. Nathan Penrod gets updates on her condition every week.

“She’s got a long road to recovery, but she is continuing to gain some weight. But again, she’s probably going to be hospitalized for quite some time,” Penrod said.

He said the little girl has worked her way into the hearts of the people in the community, officers and medics.

“This really hits hard. We’re taking it one step at a time keeping the young girl in our prayers. But as a father, it definitely does hit,” Penrod said.

The mother is in jail for child endangering and is going through a mental health evaluation.

We will continue to follow this story.

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