The Foodbank, Inc. picks up the pieces following a break-in, returns to serving the community

The Foodbank, Inc. picks up the pieces following a break-in

DAYTON — Dayton Police responded to a break-in that occurred Thursday into Friday morning after hours at The Foodbank Inc. Nothing was stolen, but the Foodbank team spent time today undoing the damage.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell spoke with Lee Lauren Truesdale, Chief Development Officer at the Foodbank who said the break-in has hindered their ability to serve people, but they’re back, cleaning up today and making electrical and drywall repairs.

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"We're a really resilient team. Dayton is really resilient," Truesdale said.

Truesdale says they're fortunate nothing was taken and that those who broke in were likely looking for money, something the Foodbank doesn't keep on hand.

"We're a warehouse of food and that's what you're going to find here is food. That's what we bring in everyday and that's what we push out every day."

Those who broke in targeted the accounting offices and punched a hole from one office to another where a safe is housed. The safe was tipped over and it appeared as if those who broke in tried unsuccessfully to get into the safe.

Foodbank leaders say there was no money of any kind in the safe.

"We hope that whoever did this, if that's something they need, if they need food assistance there's better ways to get that of course and that's something we're happy to help anybody with."

Truedale remarked that while food bank’s are no stranger to disaster, this has been an emotional experience for their team as they reflect on last year’s Memorial day tornadoes and the current pandemic. “You add this to the mix and its just one more thing.”

Food banks across Ohio have been calling Dayton’s Foodbank Inc. today, checking in on them and offering help as they pick up the pieces and get back to serving the community.

The break-in remains under investigation by the Dayton Police Department.