Ex-Clark County deputy had checkered past, documents show

SPRINGFIELD — An ex-Clark County sheriff’s deputy who resigned Monday for allegedly forcing two inmates to perform a sex act on him was previously passed over for a job by another law enforcement agency when they noticed red flags, according to documents.

Prior to becoming a Clark County Sheriff’s deputy, Marcus Johnson IV was a recruit for the Miami Twp. Police Department in Montgomery County when he took a lie detector test. But Miami Twp. officials promptly stopped recruiting him over concerns they had about his history of drug use, criminal activity and his sexual behavior, according to the documents this news organization uncovered Thursday.

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During a polygraph exam Johnson admitted to paying for sex, “various acts” of criminal activity and drug use, Miami Twp. police said. One part of the report says Johnson admitted to smoking pot roughly 3,200 times when he was between the ages of 18 and 21. Sometimes he smoked as often as three times a day, by his own guess, according to the document.

In addition, Johnson admitted to shoplifting multiple times, officials said.

One of the lengthiest sections of the polygraph report is when officers summarized what Johnson told them about his sex activities.

The report says he told Miami Twp. police that while he was working as a police officer for Wilberforce University in 2016, he had sex with a woman in a closed fitness room on campus while he was off-duty.

Johnson also admitted to visiting what he called a “swinger’s club” in Dayton in 2016 to have sex.

He also admitted to police that in 2013, he gave a woman gas money in exchange for sex, officials said.

Johnson also told police during the polygraph exam that he watched porn on his phone at work at least four or five times, the report said.

The documents show Miami Twp. police dropped Johnson from their application process in December 2017 after the polygraph exam.

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Johnson is currently accused of forcing two female inmates to perform sex acts on him while he was on the job last month at the Clark County jail. He was charged with two counts of sexual battery.

According to court documents, Johnson moved a security camera in an attempt to avoid getting caught. He was arrested Monday and later resigned from his position.

Johnson’s bond was set at $20,000 during his initial appearance in Clark County court Wednesday. He entered not guilty pleas to both charges. He remains booked in the Greene County Jail.

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