Family dog attacked by 2 neighbor dogs, leg amputated

Family dog attacked by neighborhood dogs

A family dog suffered severe injuries after being attacked by neighbor’s two dogs earlier this month.

News Center 7’s Monica Castro met with the Helms family today to talk about their dog of seven years, Tobie.

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“The only way to save him was to amputate his leg,” Paula Helms said. “We transferred him to a surgery center.”

Tobie was outside using the bathroom when two dogs attacked him.

The family shared their surveillance camera footage with News Center 7 where the whole attack was caught on video.

“He had so much trauma to his body, so much bacteria from the dog bites,” Helms said.

Tobie has been taken to the emergency room almost every three days for the last two weeks since the attack, she said.

The family was able to bring the dog home last night and Tobie has a follow up visit with the veterinarian in a couple of days.