Coronavirus: Donation allows Miami County Sheriff’s officers to disinfect patrol vehicles

TROY — Miami County Sheriff's deputies will be able to disinfect their fleet of patrol vehicles, in an effort to protect officers from the coronavirus, thanks to a donation from a Tipp City business.

Officers started the cleaning and disinfecting Wednesday night.

The diffuser and three gallons of cleaning product from Midwest Commercial Services is making the process easier.

"There was a long waiting list," Sheriff's Sgt. Robert Morando told News Center 7's Monica Castro. "It would have taken a long time for us to get our own through the normal supply chain."

Sarah Quinn, the owner and CEO, said she was compelled to help because her husband is a first responder.

"These officers are normal people with everyday lives, like you and I, and they have a goal to make it home to their husbands, wives, and children," Quinn told Castro.

"So for us this was a way of giving these officers an extra peace of mind as they continue to go out and protect the community."

The company’s product also will be used to disinfect some of the county’s public transit vehicles.