VIDEO: Possible tornado forms near South Vienna; man reports hearing ‘roaring’ sound

Possible tornado forms in Clark County

CLARK COUNTY — Several reports of storm damage have been reported in Clark County after a tornado warning was issued Friday morning.

The tornado warning was issued at 8:35 a.m. and was cancelled at 8:44 a.m., according to the National Weather Service.

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A video obtained by Storm Center 7 Meteorologists and this news outlet from iWitness 7 contributor Lori Martin-McCreight shows what appears to be a funnel cloud and possible tornado near South Vienna.

Damage has been reported in multiple parts of the county, including Springfield Twp. and South Vienna.

In the 2700 block of South Burnett Road, a barn was completely destroyed after the storms rolled through.

Crews have blocked Ohio 54 in South Vienna at U.S. 40 after an uprooted tree landed on a house.

Larry Sykes, of South Vienna, said he heard a "roaring" sound and saw dust and tree branches flying around in the air.

"I was outside for a while and I didn't hear anything. And then I went back inside and I kept hearing something roaring. (I thought) 'What is that noise?' Sykes said. “I went back outside and I looked toward Speedway and all the dust was flying and the branches were flying. It's like, ‘what is going on?’”

Sykes said he didn't realize the extent of damages left by the storm until he went to the post office and saw crews working to remove a large tree that came down on a historic home.

Authorities said a man and a woman were inside the home when the tree came crashing down. They were able to get out of the house and were not hurt, officials said.

"It's kind of scary," Sykes said. "There's a lot of weight there. A lot of work. I've been here 30 years and that tree's gotten bigger and bigger. Every year you see storms and you think "Oh, I hope it's not going to come,' but today was the day."

Denny Paul, Harmony Twp. Fire Chief, said emergency crews got the call around 8:42 a.m. of wires down and trees on the wires at Ohio 54 and U.S. 40 in South Vienna.

When crews arrived, they found a tree had crashed into the historic house, causing major structural damage.

"The house itself is unlivable. They're not going to be able to live in there because there is so much damage to the side of the house," Paul said.

Paul said the tree removal crew is reporting there are at least two more homes with damage from fallen trees in different areas across Clark County.

"It sounds like there's been a lot of wires down, trees down across the whole county," he said.

Paul said hopefully people heeded the tornado warning and took shelter.

"The tornado warning came out very quick, very fast, and hopefully people listened to it and got in a safe place," he said.

Other than the historic home, no other property damages were reported in the village, Paul said.

Paul shared video with this news organization showing a funnel cloud forming to the west of the village of South Vienna. He said from the video it appears the funnel "was definitely on the ground."

Wind gusts between 55 and 66 mph were also reported in parts of the county.

This is a developing story and we’ll update this page as we learn more.