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Full Wolf Moon is a micromoon this month

The first full moon of 2023 will be a special one. It is known as the Wolf Moon, though it is also a micromoon! You have likely heard of a supermoon, but did you know a micromoon is the opposite?

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For a micromoon to occur, the moon must become full around the same time it is furthest from Earth during its orbit. This is known as the apogee. A micromoon is about 14 percent smaller than a supermoon. It isn’t noticeable that the moon is smaller or dimmer to the naked eye, but if you compared photos of the two types of full moons, you would see a difference.

This is also the first of two micromoon we will see this year! 2023 will also have four supermoons and a blue moon!

Head outside after sunset and watch the micromoon rise and stay up all night on January 6.