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Meteor Shower Guide for 2023

A new year means more meteor showers to enjoy! Mark your calendars for the big evens of 2023.


Peak Jan 3-4. This shower is active until January 16. This shower usually produces about 25 meteors per hour. The moon will be over 90 percent full which will ruin some of the meteors.


Peaks April 22. This shower is active April 15- 29. This is a medium strength shower that can be active for a few days. This year the moon will only be 9 percent full.


Peaks May 5-6. This is a strong shower for the Southern Hemishere. For us, it can produce 10-30 meteors per hour. This shower is active April 15-May 27. There will be a full moon the night of the peak.


Peaks August 12-23. This shower is active from July 14- September 1. This shower can produce 50-75 meteors per hour. There won’t be much moonlight to block your view.


Peaks October 20-21. This shower is active from September 26-Novmber 27. It can produce 10-20 meteors per hour. The moon will be 37 percent full.


Peaks November 17-18. This shower is active Novmber 3 until December 2. This shower produces bright meteors with long tails. The moon will be 23 percent full.


Peaks December 13-14. It is a strong meteor shower. Active from November 19 until December 24. The moon will only be one percent full.


Peaks December 21-22. This shower is active December 13 until December 24. The moon will be 74 percent full.

Don’t forget to prepare for the weather and dress warmly. Get a chair or blanket and give your eyes about 20 minutes to adjust to the darkness! Good luck!