Motion filed in Ohio Supreme Court to move state’s primary elections to June

COLUMBUS — A motion has been filed in the state Supreme Court that would force the state to move the primary elections from May 3 to June 28 due to the ongoing battle over the state’s redistricting maps.

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The motion was filed as part of an ongoing lawsuit in the state’s high court by State Senator Vernon Sykes and Ohio House Minority Leader Allison Russo, both Democrats. The motion calls for the state to postpone the primary elections because if new maps are not approved any primary election would be considered unconstitutional, according to court documents.

Last week, the state Supreme Court ruled the Ohio Redistricting Commission’s third attempt of proposed House and Senate district maps were again unconstitutional and ordered them redrawn. The commission now has until March 28 to filed new maps with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office and March 29 to file with the state’s Supreme Court.

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Under the motion filed by Sykes and Russo, moving the primary to June, or even a later date, would allow necessary time for new, approved, and constitutional maps to be implemented and still complete the primary elections in time for the general election in November, court documents indicate.

“(Postponing the primary elections) would also give sufficient time for a primary election’s necessary preparations, including adopting and implementing a new set of maps, allowing 30 days for candidates to move after the maps’ effective date, proofing and printing ballots, and allowing 45 days of early voting for military and overseas voters,” the court records show.

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