Dion Green, son of Oregon District Shooting victim, spoke at a march to end gun violence in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD — Dion Green’s father, Derrick Fudge, was killed in last year’s Oregon District Shooting and nearly a year later Green is fighting to end gun violence.

Green spoke at a march held in Springfield Saturday afternoon where those affected by gun violence gathered and shared their stories.

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“Today was healing. I really got to listen to other people share their stories and start living again instead of holding that pain and anger in. And that’s part of healing,” Green said.

“I didn’t die that night standing beside him so since I’m here still standing it’s only right that I fight for myself and others.”

The event was held at the New North Street Ame Church and focused on bringing attention the ways gun violence has affected the community and local families.

“This is all about who we touch. I seen certain people out here share stories they say they’ve never shared,” Green said.