Baby in car seat thrown from crash

A 7-month old baby, strapped in a car seat, suffered only a bruise after being thrown 25 feet during a crash.

Montgomery County Sheriff Deputies responded to the intersection of Turner Road and Philadelphia Drive in Harrison Township around 10 a.m. Monday on a reported injury accident with an ejection. Witnesses say a car ran a red light at the intersection and hit a van occupied by Lashanda Goldsmith, her 7-month old child Madison, and a 15 year old girl.

Deputies say Madison was thrown through the window on impact, while still in her car seat, and was found face-down 25 feet from the accident scene.

“They said her eyes were closed, literally closed and she was face down in the car seat,” says Alicia Lewis the aunt of Lashanda Goldsmith. “When they flipped her over they thought she was dead. Then they said her eyes opened and she started smiling.”

Deputies say the crash involved a van, a car, and a semitrailer. The driver identified as causing the crash fled the scene according to deputies but was quickly located.

Five people in all suffered injuries in the crash, with two of the injured listed in serious condition including the 15 year old girl also in the van driven by Goldsmith.

Madison suffered only a bruise on the head and Lashanda also suffered only minor injuries. Both were released from the hospital Monday afternoon.

“Looking at [Madison] like, wow, she doesn’t even know what’s going on” Lewis said. “She was the one in the trauma and we’re traumatized but she’s not.”

The family adds after today, they are certain someone is looking out for them upstairs.

“God does not make mistakes-I tell people that all the time,” says family member Rhonda Moody. “When things happen, it’s all in His will.”

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