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No personal cups at Starbucks, coronavirus causes temporary stop of environmentally conscious practice

Starbucks is taking health over the environment by temporarily stopping the reuse of personal cups and mugs.

The reason -- coronavirus.

Starbucks announced that it will not allow the use of personal cups or tumblers at its coffee shops to help stop the spread of coronavirus, CNN reported.

But don't worry if you're being a friend to the environment just to snag the 10-cent discount. That will still be honored if you bring your favorite to-go cup but not use it. The reusable cup program, according to Starbucks' website, started in 1985, but was ramped up in 2010 to help keep paper from to-go cups out of landfills, CNN reported.

The announcement was made in an open letter to customers.

It is also temporarily stopping the use of "for here" ware, officials said in the announcement, according to Forbes.

Starbucks isn’t just worrying about its customers.

It's also stopping business-related travel until the end of the month. Large meetings are being postponed or changed and there will be more cleaning at company-operated stores, CNN reported.