Memorial Day tornadoes: How is Zeus, the dog who survived the tornadoes, doing today?

It’s been one year since Zeus, the dog, survived the Memorial Day tornadoes and then went missing for two days.

>>Impact on communities still palpable one year after Memorial Day Tornadoes

Zeus’ wounds have fully recovered and you wouldn’t notice a difference other than during a storm when he becomes attached to his owners side.

Zeus and his owner were sheltering in the bathroom that night in Union Township outside of West Milton when Zeus slipped through a cracked door.

He ran upstairs to the bedroom of the home as a tornado hit the house, tearing off the roof and outside walls. Zeus was gone.

Zeus was missing for two days before he was found at a neighbors house down the street.

>>Tornado Recovery: Family dog ‘Zeus’ survives storm, recovering from leg injury

He had a deep gash on his back right leg filled with mud, dirt and debris that required surgery.

The home had to be torn down and rebuilt after the damage and the family moved back in January. The family is doing well.

Neighbors in the area are still rebuilding and some houses still have not been repaired.

James Rider

James Rider

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