Wright-Patterson AFB to conduct anti-terrorism exercise today

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — People working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, or those who live near it, could hear sirens and “Giant Voice” announcements as the base conducts an anti-terrorism training exercise Wednesday.

The exercise is a test of the military’s FPCON system, which is sued to dictate levels of security based off threats, a WPAFB spokesperson said in a media release.

“The threat of terrorism is very real today,” said Garth Freund, exercise planner for the base’s 88th Air Base Wing. “Periodically testing our people on their response helps us remain strong and effective in our response to it.”

“Understanding the function of the FPCON system, and being familiar with what actions to take, can go a long way to help the base and its personnel be safe and secure,” Freund said.

Workers on base and people living and traveling near the base could experience multiple effects of Wednesday’s exercise including gate traffic backups, use of the “Giant Voice” public address system, alert sirens, travel congestion, and increased security measures.

Exercise organizers stressed that if the public hears or experiences some of the mentioned effects that it is part of a base-wide drill, unless otherwise noted.