WHIO-TV a 16-time winner in 2019 Associated Press Media Editors contest

WHIO-TV a 16-time winner in 2019 Associated Press Media Editors contest

WHIO-TV won 16 awards -- 9 for first place -- in the 2019 Associated Press Media Editors contest.

“I know I speak for the entire WHIO-TV team when I say 2019 was a year unlike any of us have ever experienced in our community,” News Director Caryn Golden said.

“This community endured so much in 2019 — a water crisis, destructive tornadoes, and a tragic mass shooting. Our team works and lives in these same communities. They put their own emotions and challenges aside to tell the stories of the people who were affected,” she said.

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Golden added she is proud of the journalism done by the WHIO-TV team.

“I’m even more proud of the #daytonstrong spirit that rose out of it,” she said.

The winners were announced Tuesday afternoon.

The Cox Media Group station earned first place in the following categories:

General Excellence: WHIO-TV

Best Anchor (TV Only): Cheryl McHenry.

Judges comment: “Cheryl is clearly knowledgeable about the market and very comfortable on-air. Unanimous number one.”

Best Spot News (Oregon District mass shooting):

Judges comment: “The hands-down winner. Excellent, comprehensive, and sober news coverage. No speculation. No sensationalism. It's hard to cut 16 hours of coverage into 15 minutes, but WHIO did an excellent job of showing how committed they were to coverage of this important event.”

Best continuing coverage (Memorial Day Tornadoes):

Judges comment: “Strong all around and continuing coverage of a huge story. Excellent reporting from the first moments to the last. A team effort to be proud of.

Best Broadcast Writing: James Brown and videographer Michael Burianek for "Making A Difference: Helping Strangers."

Judges comment: “Superb writing without cliches/verbal crutches. Wrote amazingly well to the video but in a poetic fashion. Excellent.”

Best Use of Photography: Michael Burianek

Judges comment: “Lots of creative shots and interviews. Made me want to keep watching. Love the use of natural sound.”

Best Investigative Reporting: Molly Koweek and Michael Burianek for "I-Team Investigation: Erin's Law"

Best Newscast: Alex King and Quincy Wallace for "Corruption Probe Indictments".

Judges comment: “Most complete and thorough newscast with unique breakout elements, graphic representation and details.”

Best Digital Presence (whio.com):

Judges comment: “Strong use of data and storytelling.”

WHIO-TV earned second place in the following categories:

Best Producer: Emily Gay 

Best Feature Reporting: John Bedell and Michael Burianek for "The Truth About Tourette's"

Best Broadcast Writing: WHIO-TV for "Making A Difference: Sympathy Cards"

Best Reporter: Jim Otte.

Judges comment: “Jim has a comfortable, familiar delivery that instantly makes him a likable and relatable reporter, particularly effective in disaster or large-scale trauma reporting.”

Best Sports Feature: Sports Director Mike Hartsock for "After EF4 Tornado, Trotwood Players Help Favorite Teacher"

Judges comment: “A wonderful story on how the kids are helping out the community. It made me want to root for them.”

Best Enterprise Reporting: WHIO-TV for "Walking the Path of the Storm"

Best Newscast: Savannah Marceau and Quincy Wallace for "Winter Storm Team 7 Coverage"