WATCH: Cheetah cub and puppy play at Cincinnati Zoo

WATCH: Cheetah cub and puppy play at Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI — Some of Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s newest arrivals have the internet buzzing.

A cheetah cub, Kris, has been spending time bonding with a rescue puppy, named Remus. And on Thursday, zookeepers captured an adorable moment as the two played  together.

The almost-three-month-old cub and puppy pranced around pumpkins, chased balls and rolled around as the zoo kicks off HallZOOween festival.

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Zookeepers paired Kris and Remus for companionship. Remus acts as Kris’ “surrogate sibling” so that they can grow up together.

Kris was born on July 7 at the zoo’s Mast Farm Breeding Center. Kris was the only surviving cub of the litter, and zoo officials decided to hand-raise her. This left Kris alone and without siblings — and then Remus arrived.

Zoo officials rescued Remus from the Animal Rescue Fund. Remus was selected as a sibling for Kris because of his good nature and high energy level.