Video shows how woman becomes trapped in Huber Heights car wash

HUBER HEIGHTS — The owner of Spin Light Express Wash, where a woman had to be rescued last week, shared video that shows what the driver did to become trapped.

Huber Heights firefighters responded Nov. 20 to the car wash at 6705 Brandt Pike after a woman called 911 to report the car wash had shut off and the doors closed on her.

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“I’m at the Spin Light car wash in Huber and I don’t know what to do. I'm stuck in here," a woman told 911 dispatchers. "I can't even think straight right now cause I'm like freaking out.”

Car wash owner Sabri Salheih said this was a first for him.

“I’ve been in car wash business for a while, I never have seen these things,” he said.

Salheih said the car wash functioned properly, and that the situation only happened because of what the driver did.

Video shows the woman drive into the car wash, her car getting washed, and then …

“When the wash is finished the green light comes on and tells her to move forward slowly and the door will open for her,” Salheih said.

The driver pulls forward, but then a few seconds later she makes an unusual move of backing into the car wash.

The door closed while her car was inside.

Had she moved her car forward, closer to the door, it would have triggered the sensor and opened, Salheih said.

Although Salheih said there is no fault with the car wash, the incident has led Spin Light Express Wash to take some new precautions.

New signs show what to do in an emergency. And the owner said you can always get out and hit the emergency button, or you can pull up the door manually.

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The woman who called 911 said she was afraid to get out of her car in case the equipment started back up and injured her.

She said late Monday the reason she backed into the car wash was to use the rest of her drying time.

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