VIDEO: Security camera show moments after fatal crash where police say driver hit woman, left scene

DAYTON — A local business owner thinks his security cameras captured the moments after a deadly crash where police say a driver hit a woman and then left the scene.

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Dayton police said the man who hit 31-year-old Allison Oliver blew a red light at the intersection of Free Pike and Gettysburg Avenue on June 9.

Right after, witnesses said the at-fault driver walked a block up the street, grabbed a bike and rode off.

A business owner called News Center 7′s John Bedell and said he thinks his security cameras caught part of the guy’s getaway.

The new video shows the man the business owner thinks is the at-fault driver from the deadly impact.

In the video, you can see him limping away from the intersection through the parking lot, and then he falls.

The video shows the aftermath of the crash, where just 10 seconds later, you can start to hear police sirens in the distance as officers speed to the scene.

He falls again onto the yellow parking block, gets up, and then continues down the side of the building toward the gas station where witnesses said he grabbed a bike and rode away.

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Oliver’s sister, April Carter, told News Center 7 they’re focusing less on how she died, and more on how she lived.

“We would loved for us to have had more time with her, but she left nothing on the table. She didn’t waste her time and she lived her life to the fullest,” Carter said.

Oliver was a Meadowdale High School grad, a college grad and worked a local government job where she helped people in need.

“She will be dearly missed, but we are grateful for the time that we had,” Carter said.

Dayton police say they’ve identified the person who drove through a red light, hit Oliver’s car and left the scene, but officers have not named him.

Currently, there have not been any formal charges filed in this case.

We will continue updating this story as we learn more.