ODH Director: ‘Maybe we’ve hit the top’ indicating current wave of COVID-19 has peaked

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Department of Health Medical Director Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff said today he feels confident that the current wave of COVID-19 has peaked.

Vanderhoff made the comments during a Monday morning news conference. He said his comments are based on the fact that COVID-19 cases per 100K declined last week to 616.7 for the first time since the beginning of August. The cases per 100K the previous week was 698.7.

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During the news conference, Vanderhoff also contributed his comment to the fact that he has seen the number of daily cases for the last seven to eight days decline compared to the same day of the previous week.

He reminded Ohioans that it remains important to keep wearing a mask while in public settings whether you are vaccinated or not. He continued by saying that social distancing and hand washing remain a key ingredient to keeping the virus from spreading.

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The press conference also highlighted important information for pregnant women. Vanderhoff said data shows that only 31% of pregnant women are vaccinated in the country.

Dr. Lisa Egbert joined Vanderhoff and debunked the fact that people believe the COVID-19 vaccine is a risk to fertility in men and women. She said that is not true and said all data shows that the vaccine is safe and provides no risk to fertility.

As flu season begins ramp up, Vanderhoff encouraged all Ohioans to get the flu vaccine along with the COVID-19 vaccine. He said people can get them at the same time.