‘Unreality became his reality;’ Psychologist analyzes document from Butler Twp. shooting suspect

DAYTON — While investigators said they will release more information on the deadly neighborhood attacks that took place in Butler Township within the next few days, the question of why they took place may take longer to answer.

Psychologist Dr. Kathy Platoni sat with News Center 7′s Mike Campbell going through the document left behind by the accused shooter.

“His thoughts were very disturbing, very distorted and not based in reality,” Platoni said.

Platoni said her reading of Stephen Marlow’s writings seem to indicate an extreme level of paranoia.

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He indicated his neighbors and even people he drove beside on the highways could exhibit mind control over him.

“This is all based on delusions and hallucinations and an apparent break with reality, where unreality became his reality,” Platoni said.

Platoni said the problem began when Marlow became convinced that his neighbors purposely exhibited mind control over him, referring to those neighbors as terrorists.

She said that based on the manifesto Marlow believes that he knows something that the rest of the world doesn’t, and believes he is saving us from ourselves.

“Of course, it is not based in any sort of reality, your neighbors are not part of a terrorist cell,” she said.

Marlow claimed he sent his writings and conclusions he reached to several FBI field offices outside our area, and to the CIA.

Marlow was convicted in 2019 for threatening a friend with a gun, accusing him of being a part of a conspiracy against him.

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Platoni said we all have to report any troubling activity we see or hear.

“Its so important to call authorities, call the family, to not keep this a secret,” she said.

Butler Township officers will go to Kansas where Marlow was captured and bring him back to Ohio.

This could happen sometime this week if he waives his extradition hearing Wednesday.

If not, it will be a longer legal process before he is ordered back to Ohio.