University of Dayton’s 2 week move-in process began Saturday

DAYTON — Today was the first day students began moving into campus at the University of Dayton.

Students will move into their houses or dorms in stages from now until classes start Aug. 24.

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The phased approach of moving in, made campus feel substantially different than move-in days in the past.

“It’s different because it’s quiet. I’ve never moved in on a quiet day,” said University of Dayton senior, Tim Shipley.

Another senior, Alex Costa, described move-in days experienced in the past.

“Typical move-in is pretty hectic, packed with cars and stuff,” Costa said.

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The university is moving students in over a two-week period to control how many students are in the center and how many students are in the residential facilities, said Steve Herndon, University of Dayton Assistance Vice-President of Student Development and Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life.

Part of this year’s move-in process involved checking in and going to certain stations.

“They had it spaced out,” Costa said.

“You would sign up at kiosk. You would sign your housing contract. Go to a different station get your key. Go to a new station with masks and hand sanitizers . Then you give the doctors your COVID test,” he said.

Despite the unique hoops students have to jump through as they adjust to a new normal on campus, they are still eager to be back in the UD community.

“It’s still exciting just to be back. It’s been about six months since we have been back. It’s exhilarating to be back on campus,” Shipley said.

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“It feels good to be back. No matter how quiet it is, it’s just good to be back on campus,” said Costa.

A new normal might be greeting students as they head back to campus but Shipley and Costa are determined to make the most of it.

“It’s unique, it’s different, make the most of it, I would say. That’s what we are going to do and make it the best we can,” Shipley said.

“I’m just hoping that we can all follow the rules put in front of us so we can stay here the whole time,” added Costa.

Many more students will be arriving at UD over the next two weeks experiencing what Shipley and Costa have described.

Franchesca Hackworth, WHIO

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