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Troy couple on 50th anniversary cruise rescued from ship in Norway

Published: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 @ 11:00 PM

Troy couple caught on ill-fated Norway cruise

A Troy couple is back home after they set sail on a cruise ship that had to be evacuated off the coast of Norway. 

It lost power and leaned back and forth in rough water. 

Carole and Glen Ressler went on the Viking Sky cruise to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, with hopes of seeing the northern lights of Norway.

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Instead, the Resslers were among passengers who were the focus of a daring rescue operation off Norway’s frigid North Sea coast after the ship became disabled during a storm last Saturday.

Carole Ressler said last Friday night, she noticed rough seas while aboard the ship, but it wasn't enough to worry her. By the following morning, it was a different story.

“I started to slide back to the desk and a wave came and just pushed me and the chair clear over to the bed and kinda threw me out of the chair,” she said.

The ship started listing dangerously.

Ressler said everything began falling off the shelves.

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The ship took on water, while the Resslers went to their designated muster stations inside a theater on board.

Viking Sky’s crew sent a mayday call.

It anchored in heavy seas to keep the ship from hitting rocks.

Five helicopters lifted 479 passengers off the ship, including the Resslers, who were on a 12-day cruise along Norway's coast before its scheduled arrival Tuesday in Britain.

“They just told us we had to go ... just medications and our coats. The coats and that was it.

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“They would have put your harness on. You don’t have time to say, ‘wait.’ You get your harness on and you’re shot up.”

The Resslers said they’ve been on 11 other cruises before. As for taking another cruse ... “Oh yeah, not tomorrow,” Glen Ressler said.

Officials in Norway said the ship had low oil levels that led to engine failure, and that an investigation is underway.

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